Robert James

This is a book about not only faith, but more importantly faith in your self. From the fountain of faith all else springs forth. The central love story of the book is left unfulfilled at the end. This suggests some source of vital dynamics is to be realised in the future of the two central characters McPhail Pinkmon and Robert James.

Jack Nicholson

This novel is about the unity of Nationhood. Lisa and James represent the sanctity of marriage in the USA. The determining factors that supports this couple are the other central characters that share their fate. In this state of Independence, from this point of view, they encounter the right people at the right time.

Quick Silver Chases Gold

In this collection of poetry and prose, Calum examines the domestic condition of family, love and loss.


This is a book about domestic disintegration. This serves as a metaphor for the decline in contemporary Scottish society. Within the framework of mental health, the central protagonist Cal embarks on a journey throughout Scotland.

Pieces of You

In this mature collection of poetry and prose, Calum reflects his age and life experience on his journey; showing insight into what mostly there is; the domestic condition. His muse for this collection is the mythical character of Lisa who weaves her influence through the collection like a golden thread.

Of The Road

In this beat novel, Cal is faced with himself and writes about his life from first awakenings to sexed out adulthood. In Scotland, it is difficult to be a man where others pass on their own judgements opaquely sometimes. Cal concludes that it is better to be judged almost solely in your own eyes.